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Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Islamic Arts Museum Faciities

Level 1


Main Entrance
Information and ticketing booths are located here
Special Gallery 1
For purposes of other in-house activities, An alternative venue for companies and exhibitors wishing to display their exhibits or the holding of functions in an exclusive and elegant ambience.
Education Workshop
The core educational centre with comprehensive facilities for the younger generations and students alike. Interesting integrated programs and activities are to be held here all year round.
Conservation Area
The Conservation Centre, established in 2003, conserves, restores and manages cultural property with its technologically advanced and scientifically equipped facilities.
Level 2

children's library

retail shop

fountain garden

Special Gallery 2
Another venue to be utilised for purposes similar to Special Gallery 1. (Please remove the description of current exhibition as there is none now. There'll be one commencing 21 April 05. I shall send an update closer to the date)
Children's Library
An athenaeum of childrens' books and reference materials to encourage and inculcate reading habits at a tender age. Special educational activities for children are held every Sunday afternoon, catering to children between 4 - 12 years of age.
Retail Shop
Memorabilias ranging from replicas of objects on display, to customized peripherals, household decorations and commemorative merchandise items.
Specializing in Middle-Eastern and Malaysian cuisine prepared by both local and foreign master chefs.
Fountain Garden
Landscaped similar to an Islamic courtyard, the Fountain Garden adds a refreshing element to the overall building concept.
Locker Room
Visitors can use this facility to deposit their personal belongings whilst they tour the museum.
Level 3


rehal terrace

example of Islamic art
Quranic verses inscribed on a stone slab

Seats 247 people facilitating lectures and conferences, live and filmed performances employing the latest state-of-art audio-visual applications.
Rehal Terrace
Adjacent to the Auditorium, the terrace would serve either as an additional display area or banqueting to complement events or functions held at the Auditorium.
Permanent Galleries
Art of the Mosque and Art of Architecture
An assemblage of replicas and models of some of the greatest monuments and structures of the Islamic era. These include models of the Taj Mahal and Imam Ismail Albukhary Mosque and Mausoleum to name a few. A notable section of this gallery is the detailed structure of a 'mihrab' (the prayer niche, indicating the Qibla, the direction of Mecca) carved in a relief of Quranic verses, and "minbar" (the pulpit used by Imams to preach Friday sermons). Both were crafted by a team of master artesans specially flown in from Iran. Other items on display include the Mamluk lamp, rehal and prayer mat.
Standard Chartered Ottoman Room
Sponsored by the Standard Chartered banking corporation, this room features the reconstructed interior of an Ottoman Syrian house; dated 18th - 19th century AD. The room comprises of authentic floor tiles; intricately carved, lacquered wooden panels and chandeliers.
Qurans & Manuscripts Gallery
A large collection of Qurans, religious and secular texts from a range of provenances; namely Persia, China, India, Turkey and the Malay World are highlighted. This gallery serves to illustrate the different styles of calligraphic scripts and to provide visual examples of elaborate illumination of the Quran. The secular texts include examples of Persian marriage certificates, miniature paintings, texts on medicine and astrology as well as illuminated letters and poetry.
Islamic Arts of The Chinese World
Dedicated to promoting a better understanding of the Chinese Muslims, this gallery exhibits a varied range of Chinese Islamic artefacts. Featuring a collection of Chinese callligraphic scrolls and a richly illuminated Ching dynasty Quran in a complete set of 30 judz (chapters), this gallery draws parallels, differences and influences of style in Chinese Islamic arts to the rest of the Muslim world.
Islamic Arts of The Malay World
Devoted to the preservation and appreciation of the works of Islamic art within the Malay Archipelago. Some of the finest works of Malaysian arts ranging from utilitarian household to popular pastime items, costumes, jewellery and arms are showcased in this gallery.
Level 4


view from the terrace

Permanent Galleries
Ceramics and Glassware Gallery
Displaying over 130 ceramic and glass artefacts, this gallery serves to provide an insight as to the different styles and techniques of decoration at its height of popularity. Arms & Armour Gallery
The Arms and Armour Gallery is devoted to the weapons and protective garments of medieval Islamic societies. From the Nimcha and Shamseh, curved scimitars of Arabia and Persia, to the elaborately bejewelled and gold inlaid daggers of Mughal India, the Gallery also features arm guards, shields and even a talismanic tunic inscribed with Quranic verses to be worn under armour for protection.
Textiles Gallery
The Textile Gallery features shawls, hangings, costumes and other forms of fabric from around the Muslim world, highlighting the different materials and techniques of decorative embellishment. Examples include fine woolen Kashmir and Kirman shawls of India and Persia respectively, colourful embroidered souzanis of Bukhara, Uzbekistan and ikat coats and embroidered dhirpees of Central Asia.
Metalwork Gallery
This gallery provides an overview of the wide range of metalwork embellishment techniques used in the Islamic world. The Islamic Arts Museum's metalwork gallery highlights the innovation of Islamic ornamentation and the richness of materials used in metalwork.
The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia intends to furnish the premises with a library which will offer its visitors, a source of reference of various arts and cultures; as well as information regarding the history, sciences and arts of the Islamic civilisation.
Patron's Lounge
Exclusively for honoured members and distinguished visitors to the Museum.
View Terrace
Overlooking the picturesque Kuala Lumpur skyline and the decorative domes, the terrace offers a breathtaking view of the city

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