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  1. National Museum
  2. National Museum of History
  3. National Art Gallery
  4. International Handicraft Museum
  5. Asian Arts Museum
  6. Islamic Arts Museum
  7. Textile Museum
  8. Telekom Museum
  9. MISC Maritime Museum
  10. Pucuk Rebung Royal Gallery-Museum
  11. Kuala Lumpur Memorial
  12. Tunku Abdul Rahman Memorial
  13. Tun Abdul Razak Memorial
  14. Tun Hussein Onn Memorial
  15. P. Ramlee Memorial
  16. Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum
  17. Royal Malaysian Police Museum
  18. Malaysian Armed Forces Museum
  19. Biomedical Museum
  20. Maybank Numismatic Museum
  21. Bank Negara Money Museum
  22. Malay Ethnographic Museum
  23. Public Service Memorial


  1. FRIM Museum, Kepong
  2. State Museum, Shah Alam
  3. Tin Museum - Gedung Raja Abdullah, Klang
  4. Museum and Art Gallery, UiTM Shah Alam
  5. Art Gallery, Shah Alam
  6. Sultan Abdul Aziz Royal Gallery, Kelang
  7. National Handicraft Museum, Rawang
  8. Riyadh Fannil Islam Gallery, Sungai Buloh
  9. Automobile Museum, Sepang
  10. Petaling Jaya Museum   (New)


  1. Royal Malaysian Navy Museum, Lumut
  2. Perak State Museum, Taiping
  3. Perak Royal Museum, Kuala Kangsar
  4. Geological Museum, Ipoh
  5. Kompleks Sejarah Kota Ngah Ibrahim
    (Tel: +605-847 7757)
  6. Darul Ridzwan Museum, Ipoh


  1. Museum and Art Gallery
  2. Museum and Gallery, USM Penang
  3. Forestry Museum, Teluk Bahang


  1. Kedah Royal Museum, Alor Setar
  2. Kedah State Museum, Alor Setar
  3. Kedah State Art Gallery, Alor Setar
  4. Archaeological Museum, Lembah Bujang
  5. Ibrahim Hussein Foundation Museum, Langkawi
  6. Mahsuri: The Legend &
  7. Galeria Perdana, Langkawi (Tel: +604-959 1498)
  8. Padi Museum, Gunung Keriang


  1. Perlis State Museum, Kangar
  2. Kota Kayang Museum, Kangar


  1. Kelantan State Museum, Kota Bharu
  2. Royal Museum, Istana Batu
  3. Islamic Museum, Kota Bharu (Tel: +609-744 0102)
  4. War Museum


  1. Terengganu State Museum, Kuala Terengganu


  1. Sultan Abu Bakar Museum, Pekan


  1. Abu Bakar Royal Museum, Johor Bahru
  2. Art Gallery, Johor Bahru (Tel: +607-224 5488)


  1. Museum Corporation of Melaka
  2. Proclamation of Independence Memorial
  3. Maritime Archaeology Museum
  4. Jasin Museum
  5. Alor Gajah Museum
  6. Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum
  7. Historical site: St John's Fort


  1. Cultural Complex, Seremban
  2. Palace/Royal Museum, Sri Menanti
  3. Lukut Fort/Museum, Port Dickson
  4. Customs Museum, Jelebu
  5. Army Museum, Port Dickson    (New)


  1. Art Gallery, Kota Kinabalu
  2. State Museum, Kota Kinabalu
  3. Mat Salleh Memorial, Tambunan
  4. Agnes Keith's Residence to be Museum


  1. State Museum, Kuching
  2. Police Museum, Kuching
  3. Islamic Museum (Tel: +608-224 4232)
  4. Chinese History Museum (Tel: +608-224 4323)
  5. Baram District (Fort Hose) Museum
  6. Sibu Museum
  7. Niah Archaelogical Museum
  8. Limbang Regional Museum
  9. Textile Museum
  10. Cat Museum (Tel: +608-244 6688)
  11. Timber Museum (Tel: +608-244 3477)